Jiyeon Draws Attention For Her “Naughty Hands” On ‘Dream High 2′ !

Remember the topic of “naughty hands” vs. “manner hands” that have been brought up a few times recently? Well it seems T-ara‘s Jiyeon has been added to the list for her ”naughty hands”, which have been snapped caressing Jinwoon‘s face.

A set of screen caps of the “Jinri (Yoo Jin-Rian) couple” from KBS2‘s ‘Dream High 2,’ who have been receiving a lot of love from fans, have recently been making rounds on the internet. The two stars look very comfortable with each other, and Jiyeon in particular has been catching fans’ eyes for her “naughty hands.”

In one of the photos, Jinwoon is leaning close to Jiyeon with his arm around her shoulder, but it is clear that  he has “manner hands” (his hand is hanging off her shoulder and not touching her body), thereby showing respect for the personal space of his female co-star.

Jiyeon on the other hand, is seen playfully grabbing Jinwoon’s face in the other photo, causing fans to laugh as they add her to the growing list of stars with “naughty hands.”

Netizens who saw the photos showed varying reactions, such as, “Jiyeon’s naughty hands, what are you doing, Jiyeon?” “Jiyeon’s naughty hands; I’m so jealous of her hands and Jiyeon’s naughty hands, I think the drama will become even more interesting.”

Source + Image: Kangwon Ilbo via Naver