IU’s Japanese Debut Message

After amusing Japanese fans from her debut showcase and other guestings, teen singer IU finally kicked off her much-anticipated official Japanese debut with “Good Day.”

On March 21, in celebration of her debut, IU left a message on her official mobile website. She wrote,

“Finally I’m debuting on March 21st with “Good Day” (Japanese version)! Although the Japanese lyrics were difficult, I worked hard, putting my heart and soul into singing it, to convey the song to all of you. Everyone, do sing along to the “Good Day” karaoke version too! In future, since I’ll be starting my promotions in Japan, everyone please give me your support!”

IU’s debut album “Good Day” has been released today and made a soft landing in Japanese market, placing at the 8th spot of Oricon Daily Chart. She will now focus on her Japanese appearances and other activities.

Credit: weheartIU

SOurce: dkpop