After School member Nana graces the cover of ‘SWAK’ magazine

After School member Nana has been selected to model for a famous Japanese magazine.

Leading Japanese fashion magazine ‘SWAK‘ recently approached Nana for a special interview, and requested the former supermodel to grace the cover of their March publication.

Only the most elite of Japanese celebrities such as Sawajiri ErikaSasaki NozmoiMizuhara Kiko, and Anna Tsuchiya are given the opportunity to pose for the cover of ‘SWAK’ magazine, and this opportunity is as a tremendous honor for a K-pop idol star.

Nana posed like the true model that she is, showcasing all of her appeals for SWAK‘s March edition.

Nana was a contestant at the 2009 Super Model Contest and has walked the runway for the ‘Girls Award‘ event in Japan for 2 consecutive years. She also served as a model for designer Park Yoon Soo‘s Spring and Summer clothing line during Seoul’s Fashion Week.

Her agency Pledis remarked, The Japanese really like Nana for her sharp facial features, fashionable style, and eccentric appeal. They have been showing increasing interest after she was selected as a cover model.”

In related news, Nana along with the rest of her After School members have plans to release their full-length Japanese album ‘Playgirlz‘ on March 14th, and will be holding their first independent concert in Japan in April.

Source & Image: IlganSports via Nate