Recently, idol group TEEN TOP won their very first #1 on a music program with their latest single, “Going Crazy“. For TEEN TOP, who debuted in July of 2010 with their first single ‘Clap‘, the achievement took them exactly 564 days after their debut. This begs the question, how long does it take for idols to reach #1?

On February 4th, an online community posted a topic titled, The time it takes for idols to reach #1 after their debut is...?’

According to the post, the idols who took the shortest time to reach #1 were:

  • CN BLUE: 15 days after their debut with “I Am a Loner
  • miss A: 22 days after their debut with “Bad Girl Good Girl
  • 2NE1: 40 days after their debut with “Fire
  • F.T. Island: 55 days after their debut with “Lovesick

On the other hand, the idols/singers who took the longest time to reach #1 were:

  • K.Will: 1,490 days after his debut with “My heart is Beating
  • Jewelry: 1,494 days after their debut with “Superstar
  • IU: 818 days after her debut with “Good Day

Netizens responded to the interesting post with comments like, It truly is difficult to reach #1″, “I remember K.Will crying hard when he won #1″ and “It takes some longer than others, but they always give their all for their fans!”

Source & Image: Star Today via Daum