Girls’ Generation’s promotions this past week in the United States have been making headlines outside of America. Several news channels around the world talked briefly about their appearances on American television and the subsequent interviews they participated in.

“La Sexta”, a Spanish news channel, aired several clips of Girls’ Generation, including their performances and interviews in New York, clips from music videos, and even a short clip on their visit to a Korean army base. According to mrotaik@twitter, the news clip mentioned that this is the first time a South Korean group has been seen on a Spanish music chart. The news clip can be seen below.
Girls’ Generation was also featured on Malaysian news channel “NTV7″, Ukrainian news channel “News One Channel”, and on the French television show “Morandini”, all three covering their promotions in New York. The videos can be found below.
Japan’s “TBS News” traveled to New York and attended the short press conference held by Girls’ Generation. During the press conference, the girls were asked a variety of questions including, “What is Girls’ Generation’s objective?” Laughter broke out among those attending the press conference as Tiffany wittily answered, “World domination. Just kidding.”

“Global Generation” is underway as news channels around the world are shifting their focus onto Girls’ Generation.
Written by: SeraphKY@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: taengsoshi@soshified