Although T-ara fans have the group’s triple crown win to celebrate, their achievement is being overshadowed by Hwayoung’s wardrobe malfunction scandal which has caused an uproar for viewers who watched yesterday’s broadcast.

The malfunction happened during the performance of “Lovey Dovey” on Sunday’s SBSInkigayo‘ program.  Hwayoung accidentally exposed her breast in the middle of her dance solo. A screen cap of the incident has since been circulating around the web via various Korean media portals and SNS services like Twitter and Tumblr.

Since the accident, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media has released an official statement: “Because of Hwayoung’s young age, she was very shocked and frightened by the event. Even now, she remains very shocked. The incident was purely accidental as it happened due to the loosening of the tapes that held the microphone wires under her outfit”.

Rather than celebrating,” continued the Core Contents representative, T-ara members are more fixated on trying to make Hwayoung feel at ease.”

It’s unfortunate that what should be a joyous day for the group has become a stressful reminder of the perils of live performing.

Source: Naver News