After School member Kahi expressed her love for ‘cute’ passports in Japan.

On January 27th, the singer shared with her fans via her Twitter that she and the rest of the members were currently performing in Japan. She also mentioned that the local fans there were required to flash a fanclub passport or a card in order to enter the venue for the show.

She wrote, “Wow. Our Japanese fanclub has passports and cards too. Cute ^^ It feels so exclusive! Please continue to show your support for After School!! Cute ~~~ gah~^^! Make sure to remember to bring your passport when you come to the performance~!^^”

The singer also shared the above photo, where fellow After School members Raina and Nana along with Kahi are holding their own respective ‘passports’.

Korean netizens who became envious of the passports responded with, What about us Korean fan club members?”, “Unnie we want the passports in Korea too!”, and Your performance tonight was amazing!”

In related news, the After School members showcased their athletic abilities at the recent ‘Idol Championships’, drawing attention from viewers everywhere.

Source & Image: Kahi’s Twitter