TEEN TOP‘s leader CAP made a controversial statement that’s got some netizens fired up.

On a recent episode of Mnet Wide Entertainment News‘, idol group TEEN TOP discussed where they would like to be in 10 years.

When leader CAP was asked if he could see himself being a father at 30 years old, he remarked, I want to raise my kids really well. I want to support them so that they can do everything their heart desires.

He then added, If I have a girl, I’ll discipline her by giving her a spanking and keep her at home.”

Shocked, the MC asked his reasons for keeping his daughters at home. It’s dangerous outside,” he managed to say.

The other members seemed to agree for a moment, but then remarked, It seems like it’ll actually be more dangerous to stay at home, and CAP’s ‘sexist’ comment spread like wildfire amongst the viewers.

Viewers who heard CAP’s comment remarked, Really does seem like the home would be more dangerous“, “Is he promoting violence?”, “So his sons can have whatever they want, but his girls will hit?”, “Seems like the dangerous world will be safer than being at home with a dad like that“, and Please only have boys“.

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate