With the exception of singer Lee Seung Gi, the rest of the ‘1N2D (1 Night 2 Days)‘ members are expected to stay on for another season.

Viewers have been highly curious as to what kind of new team the ’1N2D’ staff would be putting together for the second season, but it has been revealed that with the exception of singer Lee Seung Gi who has scheduling conflicts, members Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, and Kim Jong Min will remain for the next season.

Additionally, they are currently looking for a good replacement for member Lee Seung Gi. Being considered for the spot are Sung Si Kyung, Kim Hyun Joong, Joo Won, and more.

But there’s also a catch, one of the four members has not given a 100% confirmation answer as to whether or not he will be staying on for the next season. The rest of members have agreed to stay as long as this one unsure member agrees to stay. Because of this, both the staff members and the cast members have not made any official statements. Those close to the member that’s on the fence remarked, “The likelihood of him staying is around 50:50. He will probably discuss the issue with the staff members soon, and come to an official decision.”

The staff members are also being very cautious as member Lee Seung Gi is the only member who will be leaving the show, and they do not want to raise any misunderstandings amongst the public.

Although things have yet to be finalized, it looks as though the show will most likely be able to continue.

Source & Image: SportsChosun via Nate