On January 10th, photos of SISTAR‘s Hyorin surfaced on an online community board with the title, ‘Why Hyorin must have bangs‘.

The photo was a screen capture of Hyorin on an episode of KBS2‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘. After losing a game, Hyorin had to suffer the consequence of being hit in the face with a strong blast of air. After the blast of air, her bangs were thrown upward, revealing her forehead she has hidden to the public until now. Panicked, she hurriedly put her hair back in place.

Netizens who saw Hyorin’s forehead for the first time remarked, “It was so cute how she rushed to put her bangs back“, “Bangs aren’t important. What matters is her performance“, “I see why she wanted to hide her forehead. She is still cute“, and more.

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate + allkpop

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