Performances From January 7th’s ‘Music Core’!!

MBC’s ‘Music Core‘ is back once again with another fun and exciting show!

MCs Yuri and Tiffany brightened the set with their cheerful banter and cute aegyo while they guided the program.


NS Yoon-G, T-ara, Teen Top, Lee Hyun, and Fat Cat made their comebacks, while F.I.X, and CHAOS made their debut.


^NS Yoon-G^


^Teen Top^


^Lee Hyun^






Other performances from today’s show include Trouble Maker, Dynamic Duo, A Pink, Boyfriend, Koyote, Park Hyun Bin, Monday Kiz, Chocolat, Soul Dive, AXIZ, Oh Eun Hye, T-ARA and Red Postoffice.

Check them out below!




^Koyote ^**Comeback Stage!**


^Trouble Maker ^ **Goodbye Stage!**


^A Pink ^




^Boyfriend ^


^Monday Kiz^


^Park Hyun Bin^


^Soul Dive^


Source: allkpop