NS Yoon-G Asserts Her Stage Outfit Isn’t All That Revealing!

NS Yoon-G (formerly known as NS Yoonji) caused quite the stir when she emerged on music programs this week in a skin-tight latex ensemble for her new song, “The Reason I Became a Witch“.

The outfit hugged all her curves, which drew admiration from her fans, but some viewers felt that she was showing way too much skin.

On January 7th, NS Yoon-G responded to the critics by tweeting, Did you enjoy my comeback performance? Were you also a bit shocked by what you saw? It was not bare skin! She then re-iterated in English, It’s not my skin!

The ‘skin’ that some viewers felt scandalized by were actually nude-colored strips found on her rib area and down her legs. In her photo, NS Yoon-G tugged at her outfit to prove that she wasn’t wearing anything provocative on stage.

Responses to her explanation were mixed, as some felt disappointed while others were relieved.

What do you think about her stage outfit? Check out her performance below for a better look:

Source + Image: NS Yoon-G’s Twitter