Though Sleepy, T-ara’s Jiyeon Always Tries To Say Hello To Fans

A tired Jiyeon warmed fans with her sleepy hello.

Recently, photos of Jiyeon shuffling to her schedule have surfaced on an online community site with the title,Jiyeon makes sure to say hello even though she is half asleep.”

The T-ara member is seen waving sleepily to her fans and giving them a small smile, even though she looks dead on her feet. It appears to have happened more than once, as Jiyeon wore different outfits in the photos.

Fans were glad to see that Jiyeon remembered to be polite, despite her dazed state.

They commented, The way she waves while rubbing her eyes is so cute“, “She looks like a baby, and She looks more charismatic here than when she is on stage, I think.”

In related news, Jiyeon and her groupmates have embarked on promotions for their new song “Lovey Dovey“.

Source & Image: Star News via Nate