IU made a cute mistake of mistaking ‘Music Bank‘ for ‘Inkigayo‘ on the Music Bank broadcast on Jan 6th.
During the show, IU received her trophy for 1st place which she didn’t manage to receive on the show last week due to the year-end programmes.
IU gave a short speech and congratulated Lee Jangwoo and Uee on being newly appointed as MCs for the show. However, she said, “Congratulations on becoming the MCs for ‘Inkigayo’” instead of ‘Music Bank’ and brought laughter to everyone. Currently, IU herself is the MC on ‘Inkigayo’ which is possibly why she accidentally mixed up the two shows.

Fortunately, IU took it coolly and did not look flustered at all. On the other hand, Uee and Lee Jangwoo’s flustered expressions and awkward smiles caught everyone’s attention.

Watch her little slip below at 0:36

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu – dkpop
Sourc: Newsen