SBS has confirmed the final cast list for their upcoming sitcom, ‘The Salamander Expert and the Shadow Operation‘, which will see the acting debut of SHINee’s Minho!

Scheduled to begin airing on January 27th, the sitcom is already receiving widespread attention for the figures behind its production. Writer Seo Eun Jung, who’s created past hits like ‘Nonstop‘ and ‘Soonpoong Clinic‘ has teamed up with Green Snake Media, the production company behind the ‘High Kick‘ series.

Minho will be playing the role of a prodigal hacker named ‘Minhyuk’, and he’s already secured the viewership of the younger audience thanks to SHINee’s worldwide fame.

Green Snake Media expressed, “We believe that it is luck that we are able to greet the New Year with a production that combines the greatest of staff. We’ll be using our know-hows to create a sitcom that will leave a mark in history.”

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver, Mydaily